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Diamond Shield uses the best products on the market with Nano-Fusion Protection, a patent pending film technology that makes existing topcoats obsolete.
Diamond Shield Product Care

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Once applied, refrain from washing for 48 hours, washing after that time presents no problems.


We do not recommend ANY of the dry wash types of cleaners as they are intended for non-porous surfaces, paint protection films are a porous material. Car wash type soap is recommended. Bugs should be washed off ASAP. One bug cleaner we recommend is Bug Magic, but any similar product should work just as well.

Use EXTREME care if using a pressure washer, too high of a pressure or misuse of pressure washer may cut or tear the film. Pressure washer damage IS NOT covered under Diamond Shield’s warranty. The application of ANY products over Diamond Shield i.e vinyl bras, banners, etc. will void the Diamond Shield warranty.

Diamond Shield recommends the use of 303 Aerospace Protectant™, especially before any trips or Protect All ( both of these products replenish and provide UV screening protection, repel dust, soiling and staining, and should be applied every time you clean the front of your auto/truck/rv/etc. For minor scuffs we recommend the NOVUS line of products. Waxing of your coach is recommended at least 3-4 times/year.

Prior to putting your auto/truck/rv/etc. in storage, Diamond Shield Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film should be cleaned and waxed. We recommend Mothers or Maguire's Liquid wax. DO NOT USE wax designed for specific colors.

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Diamond Shield is installed at more RV manufacturers than any other company in the business!
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