What Is Diamond Shield?

Diamond Shield is the best pressure sensitive urethane film on the market. Its Nano-Fusion film technology makes all other clear paint protection films obsolete. The Diamond Shield clear protective bra kits, hood, mirror and bumper kits protect against stone chips, bug acid, sand, road debris and scratches.
What are the benefits of using Diamond Shield?

Diamond Shield uses the best film available, and continually improves their designs, to provide the best fit in the industry. Diamond Shield is installed at more RV manufacturers than any other company in the business.
Are the Paint Protection Kits difficult to install?

Our professional installers usually apply all of our RV Kits at the manufacturer or at your dealership. Our Auto and Truck Kits have a difficulty rating and many successful installations have been completed by our customers. Our DIY Kits for gadget protection are easily installed on personal electronic devices. We can arrange for professional installations, just contact us and we will help to get you scheduled.
Does Diamond Shield require special care?

Regular washing and waxing is the normal required maintenance. Review our product care sheet for proper long-term product care, and recommendations regarding the best products for the job.
Can the Diamond Shield be removed?

Removing the Diamond Shield can be accomplished by starting at one corner and slowly peeling back. A heat gun may be used to facilitate the removal.
Is Diamond Shield shipped outside of the continuous US or to a PO Box?

We currently ship using FedEx Ground within the continuous US. We can certainly arrange for any additional delivery options that will meet your needs.
If I have a question, when is someone available to speak with me?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST. Our toll free number is 888.806.5862.
Our informative service specialists are here to help!
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