Allowing us to remove and replace your film will keep your coach shining bright and you moving down the road!

Regardless of the film manufacturer, the useful life of first and second generation Paint Protection Film is time limited. Older film technology offers limited life expectancy which means it is more likely to stain, yellow, or crack. The expected life can vary depending on film type, climate, and general maintenance.

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Paint protection film uses a strong adhesive during the application process, with removal best left to our trained, Diamond Shield certified professionals. We have developed specific techniques and specialized equipment to greatly reduce the risk of damage to your paint during the removal process.

Our expert mobile technicians are available to properly remove old weathered material, just call or email our service center.  
The design of our Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film incorporates new technology that provides protection against previous generation limitations. The Nano-Fusion system comes with a written lifetime limited guarantee against discoloration, cracking, bubbling, shrinking, and peeling. It is exclusive, patented, and incomparable to prior generations and other films currently on the market. Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Technology is the best way to protect your investment.

Our expert mobile technicians are available to properly re-install our pre-cut patterns or any custom areas you would like protected. Big or Small, all Diamond Shield Nano-Fusion installations booked directly through our call center now come with a National Limited Lifetime Warranty.
If you prefer to do it yourself, you may order specialty tools and custom patterns or bulk material from our online store or by phone.

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