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Tips for Attending an RV Tradeshow or Rally

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

As things are finally returning to normal in this country, so is a beloved pastime in the RV community… tradeshows! You may have noticed more and more popping up in recent months, with many reaching their full capacity. If you’re planning on attending a tradeshow or rally in the near future and need a refresher to make sure you make the most of it, we have you covered with our tips and best practices.

Plan Out Your Trip

Like most things in life, you tend to get better results when you plan ahead, and an RV tradeshow is no exception. Taking some time prior to your arrival to map out your stay will help reduce stress and anxiety over the course of the show. Even having a rough agenda to stick to will help ensure you do everything you want to while at the show.

Check out the event’s website for maps, activities, and promotions being held throughout the show. Printing out and marking up a tradeshow map is beneficial to keep with you at all times in case you get lost or want to maneuver through the show more efficiently. Where do you plan on eating during your stay? Even planning out one meal a day at or outside the show will help avoid the often time-wasting “where do you want to eat?” dilemma.

Don’t hesitate to reach out or call the event’s support staff where they should be able to answer any questions and provide helpful information about the show.

Look at Previous Years’ Events

If the show you are attending is an annual or recurring event, take a look at shows they’ve hosted in the past. This will give you an idea of what to expect, often with pictures, videos, and wrap-ups which might better illustrate what the show entails than the upcoming event’s website.

Viewing blogs, discussion boards, and club pages can allow you to hear what people in your shoes experienced and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get honest feedback. Reading these prior to the show is a good way to find hidden gems and learn tricks of the trade(show).

Make a List of Companies you want to Speak to

Making a checklist of companies you want to speak to at the show will ensure you don’t miss anyone while you’re there. The show’s website will often have a list of vendors that will be attending that you can view. If not, you can always reach out to the host to see if they would provide this information or reach out directly to companies to ask if they will be there. If you know a company will be at the show that you’d like to see, reach out to them prior to the show and let them know you will be attending. They may be able to provide some additional insight that’s not listed on the show’s page.

Companies attending RV tradeshows and rallies are there to help and happy to chat with attendees. They are there for a reason, so if you have a question, ask it. Diamond Shield loves attending shows because it gives us an opportunity to talk face-to-face with RVers and hear feedback on how we can better serve our customers.

Do your Research if you’re Planning to Buy

Often at these shows is the availability to purchase a new RV. If this is something that you’re considering, it is important to plan ahead to help make sure you make the correct decision. Outline your budget range, features and amenities you’d like included, and any other “must haves” to easily filter out if an RV is right for you or not. If you have a particular brand in mind, reach out to them ahead of time to see what units they will have at the show and to let them know to be expecting you.

Come Prepared

Brochures, pamphlets, coupons, sell sheets, business cards, products, and more will be thrown your way as you maneuver throughout the show. This can become overwhelming if you don’t have the appropriate resources. Having a folder or two allows you to neatly store the papers you receive during the show so they are all in one place to review later. Carrying a bag gives you a place to hold any products, freebies, or promotional items so you don’t have to juggle them as you walk around, or not grab something because you don’t have the hand space. Taking pictures of booths, products, or papers will help reduce clutter and have a reference to things that you couldn’t take on your person.

Have Fun!

Don’t forget the most important part of these tradeshows and rallies is to have fun. They are an awesome experience and a must-do if you’re a member of the RV community. Relax and continue making memories with the people you care about.

Diamond Shield is thrilled to be back at tradeshows and rallies again. Find out which shows we’ll be attending on our homepage under ‘Upcoming Events’ or give us a call at 888-806-5862.


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