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Advanced RV & Auto Wax has a unique blend of advanced polymers that leave the surface slick and protected to allow dirt and bugs to easily slide off your vehicle. This easy to apply cream wax is designed for use on your paint, Diamond Shield, and other graphics.


Wax Application Directions:

1.    Always apply Advanced RV & Auto Wax in the shade and to a dry surface. Washing the vehicle before is recommended for best results.
2.    Use a clean wax applicator pad to evenly apply a thin coat to the surface. Applicator pads are effective and cheap, so don’t be afraid to replace it with a new pad after it becomes soiled.
3.    Place a small amount of wax directly on the applicator pad and apply a thin even coat to the surface. Let the wax remain on the surface long enough to appear hazy.
4.    Buff the haze away with a quality microfiber towel. Rotate your towel frequently to reveal a clean side. Do not leave the haze on the surface for extended periods of time, as it will become difficult to buff evenly. 
5.    Repeat these steps as needed, but do not apply a second layer of wax until the first coat has been on the surface for 12 hours.



SKU: DS21-1802
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