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Yuriy Katasonov - 40 Under 40

Yuriy Katasonov

Indiana Operations Manager

Started in 2013

Best Known For

Outside of being a natural leader and self-starter with a core value of “resilience,” the company considers Katasonov as the loyal face of Diamond Shield. He greets and coordinates with clients at the Elkhart service center, having received countless compliments for his customer service, dedication and enthusiasm – “we’ve never heard a customer say a negative thing about him,” the company says. Katasonov has been known to visit local body shops in and out of town to get the job done – he gets calls all summer from clients in places such as Rochester, N.Y., asking for him to service their coach, even if they bring it some 500 miles to Elkhart. A hard-working, genuine person with a big heart and positive mindset, the company says Katasonov exudes professionalism, innovation and a long-term vision that inspires the Diamond Shield team from its lowest-level workers to upper management.


Katasonov started in the installer training program, working his way from an entry-level position to his most recent promotion as operations manager. Considered “instrumental” in creating new accounts and tackling increased business, the company says it has grown more than 35 percent since Katasonov joined the team. He helped tackle team planning and restructuring when COVID hit, keeping the company “afloat and profitable” and, in 2021, was a big piece of the company’s partnership with NeXus RV. Outside of high standards and quality installs, Katasonov’s biggest metric is the company’s overall work environment – “employees are happy to follow his direction, encouraged to make decisions and turnover is now a non-issue,” the company says. RV PRO received seven separate nominations for Katasonov’s spot on the ‘40 Under 40’ list.

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